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  Febraury 1, 2014

 Dear friends;

  I am please
d to say that my collection of short stories, The Number You Have Reached, is
now available from Lamar University Press.
Below is the cover. You can order copies either
from the publisher, or from any bookseller.
  I am also pleased to say that I have two short stories being published this spring. "Green
Grass and White Stripes" will appear in
Soundings Review, and "Sunyata" is forthcoming at
Natural Bridge. I would love to know that some of my friends have read the stories. I
cannot, of course, publish them online...


Melvin Sterne: Writer, Teacher, Editor, Photographer
Welcome to my home page.
It's the next-best thing to visiting me at home!
Melvin Sterne teaches writing
and literature at t
he American
University in Phnom Penh,
. He is the author of
Zara (Ink Brush Press), as well
more than twenty published
short stories, a couple of essays,
and a handful poems. Several of
his stories have won awards at
magazines or contests.

Write me at
melvinsterne@yahoo.com .